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Free BitRule is a simple measurement tool to know the size of the screen
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BitRule is a simple measurement tool to know the size of the screen. It measures the screen and the measurement can be seen in four different common measures - picas, cms, inches and pixels. The output of the measurement is presented in four values of horizontal, vertical, length and angle. In simple terms, the information in the selected measure is presented in terms of height, width, diagonal and angle created by the ending point with respect to the starting point. BitRule provides magnification to locate the exact point to begin or end the measurement. Measurement data can be copied onto the clipboard and used in any supporting tools where pasting functionality of Windows is enabled. Paste mode is enabled only when the software is waiting to resume not at action. BitRule can be suspended and resumed and the start point and end point click is a continuous process until user intends to terminate or suspend the software function. All windows should be opened prior to executing BitRule as the software does not allow any minimized window to be restored or maximized during execution. BitRule has a latest interface with easy to understand navigation. It is an effective tool for graphic designers and layout artists working with images, pictures, animation etc. It also provides a calibration tool to synchronize the software measurement to real time rulers.

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  • Displays measurement in four different measures
  • Measurement presented in the form of Horizontal, Vertical, Length, Angle
  • Compatible with most of the Windows Operating Systems
  • Magnifier for Accurate measurement


  • Requires Calibration for accuracy
  • Repetitive functionality of Input of Start and End Points


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